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All About Me 8D

Kiriban Prize - Chibi Dreamcloud by StyxLady


Occupation: Artist / Typesetter

Hi there, and welcome to my page! It's mostly pony work, but I draw other things too sometimes :) I like to think I'm a pretty friendly gal, so feel free to drop me a Note for a chat if you'd like :)

Find Me Elsewhere

Skype:: amaneyamashita (please let me know you're from dA if you add me!)

Want Art?


Commissions - ASK ME by iSnowFairy Trades - ASK ME by iSnowFairy

Commissions are closed, however, I will make exceptions! Please review my information below before sending me an Order Form request!

Commission Information

Background by Riftress


3 Headshot Commissions
Reserved for Microdigit for 3 Headshot Sketch commissions~
Headshot Sketch Commission
Sketches 5 by quila111
Give Away Bust Sketches 4 by quila111
Give Away Bust Sketches 3 by quila111
For single requests. Please remember to fill in this Order Form when you pay!

Character(s): (Please include the characters name and ONE link to the reference)
Price: (Depends on how many you buy, each is $1/100 points)
Expression: (How would you like your character? Smiling? Angry? You decide!)
Other: (Something else I should know about your request)

Busy Busy~

ICON: Squishing Heart by Cupcake-Kitty-chanTo DoICON: Squishing Heart by Cupcake-Kitty-chan

Closed ATM

Art Trades:
1) PaintSet -- Shading - 1, Sketches - 1, Not Started - 1 (2/5 Done)

1) imapumpkinwhee -- Not Started
2) RedAmbr -- Not Started (Paid)

Last Updated: September 27th, 2014

Things I'm Waiting For

Sleepyheads by MoonlightFL
WinterXBreeze -- 6 images (3/6) (Adoptable Payment)
SugaBunneh -- Art Trade (My half finished, not uploaded))

Need a pony gift for somepony this Christmas? 

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~ Commissions ~ [Opening Soon!]

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 18, 2012, 9:51 PM
  • Mood: Thrilled

Updated on:  October 30th, 2014

Hello everyone!
Just bumping this as I plan to open up some commission slots soon! I'm planning to open up in time for Christmas, so you guys can get some art for a friend if you'd like! 

There's a Christmas special, as well as limited spots of 5 slots (one has already been reserved for another user.)

I'll officially open up commissions next week, but if you'd like a spot you may Note me your Order Form in advance! 

Welcome to my commissions! :)

I accept both PayPal and Points as methods of Payments.
I do NOT do refunds! Once the commission has been started you cannot ask for a refund. A refund will only happen if I am unable to complete the commission for any reason. 

Order Form
If you wish to commission me, please fill in this order form accordingly and as accurately as possible

Character: (Please include the characters name and ONE link to the reference)
Price: (Which style you'd like with the price)
Pose: (How would you like your character? Standing? Sitting? Happy? Crying? You decide!)
Background: (Transparent? Simple please provide either a colour or patter. Complex please add as much detail as you'd like)


These are subjected to change whenever I want! Think of them as Limited Edition sort of offers

Christmas Special
Love chibis? You can get one animal or human chibi for $12/2000 :points:, or 2 for $20/2000 :points:. Commission may include one winter accessory, such as a hat, scarf, etc! 

*Pictures Coming Soon*

Human Prices

Chibis ~
Chibi drawing of the character of your choice in either Flat Colour ($5/500 points), Cel Shaded ($7/700 points), or Soft Shaded ($12/1200 points)

CM:: Luciere Humanized by quila111 Celesti Chibis by quila111    HBD Girls! by quila111

Half Body ~ $15+ or 1500+ :points:
Half of a figure in a soft shaded style, price will raise depending on complexity of character

 Elsa by quila111  Evelyn Miller by quila111  

Full Body ~ $20+ or 2000+ :points:
Starting at $20, price will raise depending on complexity of character

Kiriban:: Claire by quila111  Hellahi Ba'al'uz  by quila111  AT:: AnthroGirl by quila111

Additional Characters
Maximum of 3 characters. There is no discount for additional characters

CM:: Look at Me! by quila111  CM:: Rhiss and Adeith by quila111

Animal Prices

Flat Colour ~ $5 or 500 :points:
No shading with simple/no backgrounds

  CM:: Dusk Rose by quila111 CM:: Tootsie Roll by quila111  GA:: Jay Streak by quila111

Cell Shaded ~ $7 or 700 :points:
Cell style shading with simple/no background

 CM:: Nom Nom Taco by quila111  CM:: Sasha by quila111  CM:: Acorn Banana by quila111  

Soft Shaded ~ $12 or 1200 :points:
Soft shaded single character with simple/no background

  CM:: Beat and Fluttershy by quila111  CM:: JaegerPony by quila111  CM:: Want Another One? by quila111


$15+ or 1500 :points:
Any image involving a detailed background. Detailed for me means it depicts a scene of any kind. Prices may vary depending on complexity, total can be given via Notes.

 Spring Cleaning by quila111    CM:: Play List by quila111  CM:: Crimson by quila111

The price of backgrounds will be discussed when your order is sent.

Other Options

Custom Characters ~ Add an extra $5 for animal option and an extra $8 for humans as a base. Price will change depending on character

Custom:: Fox Girl by quila111  Custom Character: Griffin by quila111  Custom Character: Sanya by quila111

Mature Commissions ~ This counts for nudity and gore; add an extra $5 on top of the commission
Bundles ~ Interested in a bunch? Let me know! We could work out a discount for large orders

Ask me about other possible options!


Commission Process
I think this set of commission steps sum it up the best! You won't be asked for payment until you approve of the sketch stage. I will not continue work on your commission until payment has been sent in full.

Won't Draw:
~ Pornography of any kind
~ Mecha (I might make an exception for this)
~ Anything that makes me uncomfortable

Where to Contact Me Outside dA:
E-mail - or 

Thank you for taking the time to read this :)
If you have any other questions, please let me know :D

Sketch Headshot Commissions for $1/100 points!

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 27, 2014, 11:05 AM

EDIT:: So I did manage to miscount along the way, so there are 3 slots left xD

I'm also thinking, would anyone be interested in pay an extra $6 / 600 :points: to have the image inked, coloured and slightly shaded? I'll have to make one for myself and see how that would work; I'm thinking as an avatar for dA or perhaps a dA ID~

97 / 100  

Hello hello~

So I've finished my last commission, and decided to just open up something nice and cheap c: I'm hoping that these will go well, as I'd like to make enough money to buy myself a printer/scanner so I can start sharing my traditional art with you all :)

My aim is for $100, so that would mean 100 headshots! I think that would be fun to accomplish :D

General Info:

~ Payment must be sent before I work on your sketch
~ Any character goes! But if I find them to be very detailed (such as a complicated hat) I will have to charge a little more!
~ No character limit! (Unless I don't have enough spots left!) 
~ These sketches will be uploaded in one file
~ Each person will receive individual images of their commission


Sketches 5 by quila111  Give Away Bust Sketches 4 by quila111  Give Away Bust Sketches 3 by quila111

Interested? Send me a Note or a Comment with this order form filled, or pay directly to the Widget and leave the Order Form there:

Character(s): (Please include the characters name and ONE link to the reference)
Price: (Depends on how many you buy, each is $1/100 points)
Expression: (How would you like your character? Smiling? Angry? You decide!)
Other: (Something else I should know about your request)

The List: [Commissions marked finished may not be uploaded yet]

1 - EPsilon933  -- Finished (Paid)
2 - 13 - RenaTurnip -- Finished (Paid)
14 - 33 - outlaw4rc -- Finished (Paid)
34 - 42 - eipreD -- Finished (Paid)
43 - 47 - DarkJake64 -- Finished (Paid)
48 - DestinyDecade -- Finished (Paid)
49 - 68 - opus-13 -- Finished (Paid)
69 - ErinKatzee -- Finished (Paid)
70 - 74 - Rannarbananar -- Finished (Paid)
75 - BubblestormX -- Finished (Paid)
76 - 78 - DarkJake64 -- Finished (Paid)
79 - 84 - Cuddlepug -- Finished (Paid)
85 - mortalshinobi -- Finished (Paid)
86 - eipreD -- Finished (Paid)
87 - Cybiline -- Finished (Paid)
88 - 89 - Spooky Ash on BS -- Not Started (Paid)
90 - Silver-of-the-night -- Finished (Paid)
91 - 95 - Microdigit -- Finished (Paid)
96 - 97 - JaegerPony -- Finished (Paid)
98 - bIuejeans -- Finished (Paid)

Adoptable Batch: Halloween [Auction OPEN][1/3 Left by quila111
Adoptable Batch: Halloween [Auction OPEN][1/3 Left
Edit:: Pony 2 is closed! Only Witch pony remains (though I'm starting to get attached ; A ; )

Hello hello! I got sucked into the Halloween spirit and doodled these lovely mares~ My favourite is #1 ; w ;

Auction Rules:
Please reply to the highest bid in the comments, otherwise it will not be counted. Bids that do not follow this will be hidden to avoid confusion
~ Make your bid to the correct Bid Here! comment (links will be provided beside each pony's number)
~ Payment must be made within 2 days of the ending time, otherwise I will move on to the 2nd highest bid
~ You may combine points and paypal money
~ Please be respectful and kind :)
~ End times for each pony will be announced after the first bid has been made on a pony. End dates will be 24 hours after the first bid. There'll also be a 2 hour snipe period in case people decide to last minute bid.

1. Sugar Skull Pony…
A make-up genius, she loves to experiment with different looks. She's never seen without some sort of make-up, but changes her look all the time. Her looks are her pride.

Owner: Cybiline

2. Ghost Pony…
A ghost that lost her life some time ago. She hangs around the hospital and assists the staff there, not wishing for anyone else to lose their lives before their time.

Owner: mortalshinobi

3. Witch Pony…
A naughty Vampire Pony that's constantly causing trouble where ever she stands. She enjoys thinking up new ways to harass and bother.

Starting Price: $1.00 / 100 :points:
Current Bid: None
Minimum Bid Increase: $1.00 / 100 :points:
Autobuy: $40 or 4000 :points:
End Date: TBA

Price Add Ons:
What happens when a bid reaches a certain bid
$40 or 4000 :points: - Soft shaded picture of your pony with colour and/or specie alterations, and a CM of your choice.

Payment must be sent within 48hrs of the end time. After that, I will move on to the 2nd highest bid.
The winner will receive the sketch version, plus any additional images with no water marks.

If you have any questions, please let me know! And happy bidding! :D

Other Open Adoptables:

[CLOSED] Torch Hound - Numb by quila111  Adoptable Batch: Steampunk [#2 OPEN] by quila111  Monthly Adoptable: January [OPEN] by quila111  Adoptable Batch Six [50 Points Each!] by quila111  Adoptable Batch Five [AutoBuy Only] by quila111

Art (C) me


People to Check Out

Floating Kawaii Hearts and Stars Divider by Pastel-BunBunFloating Kawaii Hearts and Stars Divider by Pastel-BunBun

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